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The Clothes People Wear

Have you ever asked yourself why you wear clothes? You were not born wearing them.

Why, then, do you have to put on clothes in the morning and take them off again at night?

The answer is that you wear clothes because human beings have been doing so for thousands of years, because wearing clothes is our custom.

There is a practical reason for this. Clothes protect the body. Most animals are protected by hair which grows thickly all over them.

Human beings have to wear clothes. The need for protection may be most obvious in cold countries, where clothes give warmth, but it is present even in hot countries.

People who live in hot deserts, for example, were clothes, not for warmth, but to keep themselves cool. Clothes also give prtection from things like thorns and insects.

Clothes are different in different parts of the world. Not all schoolboys wear shirts and shorts.

Not all schoolgirls wear dresses or skirts. In many parts of the world grown-ups do not wear the same clothes as children, and in most parts of the world women do not wear the same clothes as men.

Here in African Continent Countries, therefore, in Nigeria Oraifite, until a few years ago, people wore national dress, like the agbada for men and the blouse and wrapper for women.

Now they wear either national dress or European clothes. This custom is common all over the world.

European clothes can be wore almost everywhere, but most countries keep their own national dress to be wore at home or on special occasions.

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